Minority Cell

Minority Cell

The Minority Cell in the College aims to ensure equitable opportunities and support for students & employees belonging to the minority communities, including Christians, Sikhs, Muslims and Jains. This committee also ensures the implementation of the policies and programs of the Government of India, University Grants Commission (UGC), and State Governments related to the Minority communities.

Objectives :
  • To facilitate equal opportunities and access to education for students hailing from the minority communities.
  • To implement and monitor government policies and programs for the welfare of Minorities.
  • To organise awareness campaigns and workshops to promote understanding and sensitivity towards the issues of minorities
  • To address grievances and provide necessary support services to ensure the holistic development of minority students & employees of the college.
Responsibilities :
  • To implement and monitor policy changes at the institutional level for the welfare of Minority students & employees.
  • To organise workshops, seminars, and awareness programs to educate the college about Minority issue.
  • To provide support such as counseling, academic assistance, and career guidance to Minority students to promote their professional growth.
  • To address complaints, identify barriers and develop strategies to leverage resources and support for the Minority students & Staff.
Sr.No. Name Designation Position in the Committee Mobile No.
1. Dr. Vikas Dhomne Principal Chairperson 9423113268
2. Dr. Sayeda Parveen Qureshi Associate Professor Member Secretary 7972216766
3. Dr. Samina Tadavi Assistant Professor Member 7972441844
4. Dr. Sabah Naseem Munazzal Zafar Assistant Professor Member 9665683583
5. Shri Firoz Khan Junior Clerk Member 9960474776