Company Commander:

Capt. Dr. S. R. Sharma, Associate Professor, Dept of Electronics

  • A unit of 4 Maharashtra Battalion
  • Units for both boys and girls
  • B Certificate and C Certificate examinations for enrolled cadets
  • Regular parades, training camps, shooting training, adventure camps
  • Various camps like BLC, ATC, NIC, pre-RD Camp, etc
  • Training in map reading, weapon handling, civil defence, first aid and military strategies
  • Chief Minister’s scholarship for notable achievers

Social & Other Activities

  • NCC Day Celebrations
  • Nature trails
  • Cycle expeditions
  • Tree plantation and blood donation camps
  • Rallies and campaigns for awareness on social issues like AIDS, Drug Abuse, Literacy, Pulse Polio, Global Warming
  • Collaboration with city police during religious festivals and disasters

Special Achievements

  • Consistently high results of B Cert and C Cert Examinations with many toppers
  • Regular representation at the RD Parade in New Delhi
  • Several Best Troop Trophies at the local RD Parades
  • Several cadets winning Best Cadet awards at various camps
  • many cadets winning the Chief Minister’s Scholarship