NSS Foundation Day Competitions – 24 September 2020

District NSS Chairperson

Dr. Vikas Dhomne, Principal

College Programme Officer

Dr. R. C. Shaha, Dept of Microbiology

  • One of the most active NSS units in the university and the state
  • Large unit of 150 members
  • Wide range of programmes round the year
  • These include awareness rallies, campaigns, blood donation, tree plantation, observing important national days and anniversaries, debate and elocution, cultural programmes, street plays, etc
  • State, university and district level camps
  • Special training and development camps for nature conservation, disaster management, water management, personality development, etc
  • Adopting villages to support overall development

Special Achievements

  • Numerous Best Unit awards at the university level
  • Best Volunteer awards at university, state and district levels
  • Best Programme Officer awards for the unit
  • Active and award winning participation by unit members at state and university camps
  • Regular participation in RD Parades and camps at national and state level