Research Projects

Research Projects

Research Projects

Dr. A. M. Padwad, Department of English

  • Promoting teacher development (TD) groups through capacity building of facilitators, supported by Hornby Trust, UK and British Council (2016-17)
  • Developing as researchers: Promoting teachers’ CPD through engagement in research, ELTREP award by British Council (2015-17)
  • Compilation of a database of research in ELT carried out in the universities of India during 1985-2005, sponsored by UGC (2010-12)
  • Promoting and supporting teacher development through an online community, supported by Hornby Trust, UK and British Council (2010-12)
  • Continuing Professional Development through ETCs, supported by British Council and Hornby Trust, UK (2003-06)
  • National Project on Effective Use of Prescribed Materials English, supported by Hornby trust, UK, British Council (2003-05)
  • Critical Viewing of British Films to Promote Cross-cultural Understanding, supported by ELTeCS Network, British Council, in collaboration with Prof. Denis Newson, Osnabrueck University, Germany, Dr. Radislav Millrood, Tambov University, Russia, Prof. Simon Gill, TTI, Olomouc, Czech Republic (2002-04)

Dr. Karthik Panicker

Dr. V. J. Tiwari, Department of Botany

  • Phytochemical analysis and antibiotic screening of ethnomedicinal plants used by Madia tribe of Gadchiroli District, sponsored by UGC

Prof. G. S. Chute*, Department of Chemistry

  • Phyto chemial srudy of medicinal plants used by the tribals of Bhandara district Chemistry, sponsored by UGC

Dr. D. K. Kapgate*, Department of Botany

  • Study of the Deccan inter-trappean flora of India, in collaboration with Cleveland Museum of Natural History, USA
  • Comparative Study of Tertiary flora of India and China, in collaboration with Institute of Botany, Chinese Academy of Sciences, Beijing
  • Paleovegetation, Paleoenvironment and Paleaophytogeography of Central India, sponsored by UGC

Dr. A. K. Modi*, Department of Mathematics

  • Studies in commutativity of associative rings and non-associative rings, sponsored by UGC

Prof. J. P. Pal*, Department of Physics

  • Non-linear effects of plasma, sponsored by UGC

Dr. D. I. Shahare, Department of Physics

  • Synthesis of magnesium borate based phosphors, sponsored by UGC

Dr. S. D. Borkar, Department of Chemistry

  • Synthesis and characterisation of some coordination complexes having their antibacterial and anti-malerial activities, sponsored by UGC

Dr. Y. V. Lanje, Department Chemistry

  • Synthesis and characterization of thermally stable polychelates of 3d level metal ions, sponsored by UGC.

Dr. S. W. Dafre, Department of Chemistry

  • Synthetic strategy for ferric oxide as photocatalyst for degradation for some dyes present in aquatic environment, sponsored by UGC

Dr. R. C. Shah, Department of Microbiology

  • Antibiogram study of bacteria isolated from pathological samples, sponsored by UGC

Prof. S. H. Deshpande, Department of Marathi

  • Sant Tukaramachya Abhanggathetil Balkridchya Abhangatun Prakatnare Shrikrishnrupdarshan Marathi, sponsored by UGC

Dr. M. J. Joshi*, Department of Hindi

  • Hindi translations from Gujarati in the context of various Indian languages – an evaluation Hindi, sponsored by UGC

Dr. A. K. Pedhekar, Department of Botany

  • Protection, conservation and germplasm maintenance of wild vigna species and their crossability with the cultivated species grown in Maharasthra, supported by Rajiv Gandhi Science and Technology Commission

Dr. I. N. Dudhat*, Department of Zoology

  • Study of some physico-chemical factors and fish biota of Rawanwadi lake, Bhandara Zoology UGC

Dr. Aparna M. Yadav, Department of Botany

  • Investigation and exploration of diversified fossil flora (UGC sponsored)